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How to Apply for Canada Immigration & PR Visa - Canada Immigration Process

Canada Immigration Consultants

Canada Immigration Consultants: We help you get Canada PR Visa, Work Visa, Business Visa or Student Visa to Settle you in Canada smoothly, systematically and within least time and costs.

Most Successful Pathways for Immigration to Canada today are: Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP), Entrepreneur Immigration (Business Immigration), Startup Visa Immigration, Self Employed Immigration, Student Immigration, Dependent Immigration and Caregiver Programme Immigration

How can you achieve Canada Permanent Residency?

RISE Overseas Immigration Consultants provide you expert immigration consulting for the following Canada immigration services:

Call 9319299633, 9315760130 to understand which programme will work the best for you. Whatever your age and professional background, we have the professional competence to settle you in Canada.

What are the first steps in your goal of successfully settling in Canada?

Achievement of any one of the following is the first success point for long term settlement in Canada and achieving Canadian Citizenship:

Call 9319299633, 9315760130 for us to tell you how soon can we get you the first success point.

How do we go about achieving your Canada Immigration success?

We study your profile and through free consultation, we advise you the most appropriate immigration programme and detail of the Canada immigration process for that. Once the right pathway to move to Canada is identified, the step by step immigration plan is explained. Details of government immigration costs and other reasonable expenses and fee are transparently explained for the end-to-end Canada immigration process. Needless to say that our immigration consulting fee are the most affordable, Immigration consulting quality the best in the industry, immigration process is fast-track, smooth and transparent. A detailed guideline on documents required for Canada immigration is given. Once it is established that, you qualify for Canada immigration, we undertake your case and initiate our immigration services.

Step By Step Process of Canada Immigration to achieve Canadian Permanent Residency (Canada PR)

1. Federal Express Entry

    a. Find out if you are eligible to apply for Canada Permanent Residency

    b. Get Educational Credential Assessment by any of the agencies: World Education Services (WES), International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS), Comparative Education Service (CES), International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS), Comparative Education Service (CES) and International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)

    c. Take language tests, for English Language Proficiency: IELTS General Test (International English Language Testing System) or CELPIP General Test (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program). If you have French proficiency, take a French language test TEF Canada (Test d’évaluation de français) or TCF Canada (Test de connaissance du français)

    d. Decide your NOC Code(s)

    e. Create an Expression Of Interest (EOI) in the Express Entry Pool

    f. Get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) after the express entry draws, and initiate the application,

    g. Register in Job Bank Canada and start your job search

    h. Get Medical Examination and obtain Proof of Medical Examination from an IRCC empaneled physician.

    i. Obtain Police Clearance Certificate(s) (PCC) for all the countries you stayed more than 6 months in the last 10 years

    j. Obtain Bank Certificates

    k. Upload the required documents:
    i. Employment Documents such as Employment Reference Letters, Salary Slips etc

    ii. Passports copies

    iii. LanguageProficiency Certificates

    iv. ECA Certificate

    v. Proof of Medical Examination

    vi. Police Clearance Certificate(s) (PCC)

    vii. Proof of Settlement Funds certificates

    viii. Gift deeds (if applicable)

    ix. IRCC approved Photographs

    x. Affidavits (where discrepancies are there)

    xi. Any other documents (case specific)

    xii. Provincial Nomination Certificate (If applicable)

    xiii. Proof of Canadian Study (If applicable)

    xiv. Letters of Explanations (LOEs)

    xv. Required immigration forms

    l. Pay Application Fee

    m. Sign the application and submit

    n. Get Biometrics done

    o. Answer any query or furnish any additional document asked by IRCC

    p. Once the positive decision is made on the application, submit Passports to Visa Application Centre (VAC) (VFS Global)

    q. Receive passports back after PR Visa stamp.

    r. Continue your job search

    s. Research for accommodation, opening a bank account, picking up a telephone/mobile plan, health insurance, car, driving license requirements and options in Canada

    t. Book tickets and travel to Canada.

(RISE Overseas Canada Immigration Consultants with their high expertise and vast experience, make the above long and tedious process a song for you)

2. Provincial Nomination Programs:

It has all the steps of Express Entry Immigration and has the following additional steps:
    - Make direct applications to the provinces

    - Get Notification of Interest (Provincial ITA) from the province

    - Accept the Notification of Interest (NOI) from the province and make detailed application to the province with uploading of all the documents including settlement plan in the province.

    - Pay PNP application Fee

    - Answer all queries of the province and provide additional documents where required.

    - Once the application is assessed as positive, receive Provincial Nomination.

    - Apply Provincial Nomination Certificate in Express Entry application portal.

    - Make a new Express Entry profile if the previous profile has expired. Request IRCC to link the two Express Entry profiles.

    - Complete rest of the steps as detailed under Express Entry in the previous section.

The various Provincial Nomination Programs which are open for Canada Immigration are:

    A. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

    B. BC Provincial Nominee Programme (BC PNP)

    C. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

    D. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

    E. Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

    F. Prince Edward Island Immigration Programme

    G. Manitoba Provincial Nomination Programme (MPNP)

    H. New Brunswick Immigration Programme

    I. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Immigration Programs

    J. Northwest Territories (NWT)

    K. Yukon Nominee Program

3. Entrepreneurs Stream Immigration Programs

    a. Find out if you are eligible

    b. Make a business exploratory visit to Canada and the target province

    c. Take IELTS test

    d. Initiate Educational Credential Assessment

    e. Submit an Expression of Interest

    f. Get Invitation to Apply

    g. Get Net worth Assessment done by a Canada Government approved agency (Net worth requirement is from 300,000 CAD to 600,000 CAD for various provinces)

    h. Submit detailed application along with the required documents

    i. Attend interview with the provincial government

    j. Sign Business Performance Agreement (BPA)

    k. Apply 2 years Business Visa/Investor Visa and Family Work Visa

    l. Travel to Canada

    m. Complete business establishment within 20 months

    n. Give Business completion report to the provincial government at the end of 20 years

    o. Apply for Provincial Nomination

    p. Apply for Permanent Residence (PR) for family.

    q. Continue the business for a minimum of one more year or for as much period as you want.

Any more questions on the process, pick up the phone and ask us. Call 9319299633.

How do we get you Canada PR

Once you have consulted us in detail and have understood the Canada PR requirements, eligibility for Canadian PR, Canada PR Visa process, applicable PR Visa and study permit fee, family visa fee, spouse visa fee, we initiate the Immigration Process for you. The PR application process is 100% online and you could be in any part of the world, we get you Canada Permanent Residence (PR) Visa. The immigration process looks overwhelmingly difficult and complex, but rest assured, it gets smooth as we go through the same, some pain is worth the reward of much coveted Canadian PR and Canadian Citizenship, and very prestigious Canadian Passport.

Call 9319299633 to if you dream about settling in the beautiful country Canada.

Our Core Values & Ethics:

Our team comprises of highly educated and experienced Canada immigration consultants and we believe in

    1. Professional Approach during the entire Immigration Process

    2. Transparent Dealing while discussing your Canada immigration possibilities, immigration costs, and documents for Canada immigration, such as: proof of settlement funds requirement, requirement of medical examination, Police Clearance Certificate for Canada Immigration, Employment Documents etc., thus give you detailed overview of your eligibility for Canada immigration before signing you up.

    3. Reliability in completing every step of Canada immigration process timely, accurately and share all your immigration profile login credentials.

    4. Speed and accuracy during the entire Canada immigration process is our main USP, so that no opportunity is lost, we have the rare distinction of getting Invitation to Apply (ITA) to our clients within a day!

    5. We do not keep any of your original documents and share all your applications login credentials with you.

Canada Immigration Costs & Fee for Express Entry and PNP Immigration

Canada Express Entry:

  • IELTS Test Fee: INR 13,500 each for Primary and Secondary Applicants
  • ECA (WES) Fee: INR 15,000 each for Primary and Secondary Applicants
  • Police Clearance Certificate Fee: INR 500 each for Primary and Secondary Applicants
  • Medical Examination Fee: INR 5500 for each for Primary and Secondary Applicants
  • Application Processing Fee: CAD 825 = INR 45375 each for Primary and Secondary Applicants
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee: CAD 500 = INR 27,500 each for Primary and Secondary Applicants
  • Dependent Child Application Fee: CAD 225 = INR 12,375 for each dependent child
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Total Fee for Applicants who are single: INR 107,375

Total Fee for a Couple: INR 214,750

Our Consulting Fee: INR 59,990+GST per head (Note: Actual Prices will as per the agreed services and number of family members).

Canada PNP Immigration:

  • All the fee as detailed under Express Entry
  • Extra Fee of the Province: CAD 1500 = INR 82,500

Our Consulting Fee for Canada PNP Immigration is INR 69,990+GST per head (Note: Actual prices will be as per the agreed services and number of family members).

It’s all quite affordable, what are you waiting for,it’s easy to immigrate today than tomorrow. Call 9319299633, 9315760130.


Canada has always been a preferred country for immigrations amongst Indians, especially from the State of Punjab. People from India have preferred to immigrate to Canada for its developed health care and agriculture sectors. These sectors were key focus for Indian Immigrants to migrate as Permanent Resident under Express Entry. Canada being a liberal society having diverse culture and quality of life has been a dream destination for immigrants. To settle in Canada from India if you have got all your credential assessed, cleared your English proficiency test and received the invitation after which provided all documents and obtained your visa then the next question is how to settle in Canada seamlessly.

Coming to Canada as a Permanent Resident, the first step once you arrive in Canada is to ensure you have all immigration and identity documents to provide to the Customs and Immigration officer at the airport. It is also important to arrange for a place to stay beforehand for first few months. Then the first thing to ensure to get is the Social Security Number (SIN Card) which is a confidential number that allows you to open bank account or even pick up a job. To know more about this you can visit the SIN Section on Service Canada website http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca. Government of Canada has many such support programs for immigrants.

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents have the benefits of hospitals and physicians without having to pay for them as the Canadian Health Care System is exceptionally good. To know more about the Health Care eligibility, services available in your province of residence you can visit Health Canada’s Website http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/index-eng.php. Make sure you apply for health care for your family and yourself as soon as you arrive, as it takes time before you become eligible. You may purchase from private health insurance agency before your arrival to Canada for security until your provincial health care begins.

It is important to obtain a driver’s license to become mobile in Canada and to obtain one you would require to give a driving test or exchange your existing license for a local one which will be as per the rules of the province of your residence details of which can be viewed on Service Canada Website. http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/subjects/cards/drivers_licence.shtml

In Canada owning a car is a necessity. There are various plans for leasing a car or purchasing it depending on your borrowing capacity. It is best to research which type of car will best suit your need and take time to shop and ask for all information of payment terms. When looking for a car or a home insurance take estimates from atleast 3-4 companies this will help you save significant amounts. Immigration to a new country looks to be an overwhelming task and initially you might have administrative hassles. However, there are many specialists and companies available to support you for easy settlement. You can take help from the network of our clients in Canada.

Want to settle in Canada? Call 9319299633, 9315760130


For new immigrants and PR holders, Canada offers fantastic economic settlement opportunities. The Job market is robust and unemployment rates are the least amongst developed countries. The salary levels are high in Canada Job market. Canada being world’s 10th largest economy, offers great incentives for people to apply for Canada Immigration and hence Canada Permanent Residence is considered a passport for career success. Having high economic freedom, the country works as a sought after destination for Business Immigration applicants too. PR through investment is also a viable option to find good Settlement into Canada. Cost of living in Canada though on a bit higher side is still lower than US and Europe, Permanent Residence applicants coming from Asia, find higher salaries and higher savings as good enough motivating factors to apply for Canada immigration. Common types of taxes are GST, HST, Property Taxes, Business Taxes and Income Tax. One more major incentive to immigrate to Canada is the world class health care system. The new Permanent Residents in Canada find it to be a good perk. Immigrants also find low crime rate in Canada as another pleasant aspect of settling in Canada. The country offers abundant scenic landscapes, recreational opportunities, outdoor adventure and sports and a world class infrastructure. Canada as an Immigration Destination scores high in Values such as Freedom of Expression, Pride, Belief in Equality, Respect for All, Religious Freedom, and Diversity. Whichever cities new Permanent Residents decide to live in, they find most cities rich in Canadian values, culture and Happiness Index.


Canada has turned out to be the most favoured Study Destination. The biggest advantage being post study Work permit which helps students get Job Visas, points for their Immigration Applications and get PR Visa eventually. For these Canada Visa benefits, the number of international students has risen dramatically in Canada lately, leading to more Canadian Permanent residencies and Canadian citizenship offered. Canada being a bilingual society is good for students who wish to improve their language skills. Students on Study Visa can learn both French and English which are widely taught in schools and colleges. This definitely enriches its culture and community life and settlement of immigrants.

The Canadian Education is recognized worldwide and is one of the countries where cost of living is cheapest unlike that of Australia, UK, USA and Europe, making Canada study visa quite sought after. Besides, telecommunications, computer engineering, digital media, video game, biotech, medical and aeronautical engineering industries are particularly strong in Canada. Canada has internet accessibility even in its remotes cities. The number of hours people spend on internet is the highest. In fact in Montreal there is free Wi-Fi for everyone. The Canadian Government is also providing 3years work permitsto the students who after completing their education can stay back and gain experience and live in Canada later as a Permanent Resident and contribute to their economy.

Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are the top cities in Canada where maximum students are going for education looking at various criteria like affordability, diversity of population and job market. Canada is a vast country with beautiful landscapes. It is great fun for the skiers and ice skaters. Canada has most scenic places and pristine beaches which are breath taking. The people are warm and welcoming and students are encouraged to work and live after completing their education as there is no racial discrimination and people live in harmony.

Call us for best University admissions, scholarships and Study Permit. Call 9319299633, 9315760130.


We at RISE Overseas Immigration Consultants help you find suitable jobs for your Immigration Applications and or for Post PR settlement requirements (What is the process to search jobs in Canada and get a Work Permit in Canada). Our services for helping you find jobs in Canada include:

  • Resume and Cover letter guidance
  • Job Search Training
  • Register you in Job Bank Canada
  • Provide necessary ‘Occupation in demand’, ‘Skills in Demand’ and Career information.
  • Employment Trends, Educational Requirements and Prevalent Compensation Levels
  • How to get an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment)
  • Get help from Welcome Canada and Service Canada offices.
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Work Visa Applications
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Build Professional Network in Canada
  • Apply for the Internship Program for New Immigrants
  • Workplace standards in Canada
  • Canada Employment Insurance

Call us for making a successful professional career in Canada. 9319299633, 9315760130.


It is always a good idea to visit Canada for job search, business exploratory visit, schools/colleges/university search, training, trade shows, tourism, holidays, visiting friends/relatives etc; and we RISE Overseas Immigration Consultants help you apply for Canada Visitors Visa (Canada Tourist Visa). We get the same to you in record 10 days for duration of 10 years. You can stay up to 6 months at a stretch on a visitor visa. Canada has one of the world’s best scenic landscapes, outdoor adventure trips, travel infrastructure, great food, vibrant music and lively night life.

Go and explore this heaven on Earth, Call 9319299633, 9315760130.


Canada has been world’s booming economy and has an excellent job market, so is therefore one of the top immigration destinations. The liberal society of Canada has shown consistently a tremendous low unemployment rate thereby increasing work permit based job for incoming immigrants. There are job opportunities in oil and gas industry, healthcare, IT, Infrastructure and construction industry and many more and most of these have skills in demand. Canada is soon becoming the tech-hub in North America surpassing even Silicon Valley, USA. Besides Toronto, the other two major cities where growth is happening are Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Helifax, Waterloo and Victoria.

Canada is known for its health care facilities which are completely free of cost if you are a Permanent Resident. Canada spends huge sums of money on their health care sector and world class facilities are provided free to every citizen and PR Holder.

The Canadian government provides free education to children below 18years of age. The modern education and world class schools are a big plus for people who wish to provide good quality education to their kids. Many subsidies are provided to students who wish to pursue higher education. Post study work permit is a huge boon to the international students.

Canada is considered to be one of the top 10 safest countries to live in. Living in a country which is safe and provides excellent education and good quality life and healthcare is great reassurance of all aspirants who wish to immigrate.


RISE Overseas Canada Immigration Consultants have 100% PR Visa and Study Visa success rate, however, to provide maximum comfort to all our esteemed clients, RISE agrees to the following through our service agreement that ‘Just In case any Visa application is rejected by IRCC due to the mistake from the consultant’s side, 100% Application Filing fee charged from the client will be refunded back to the client. RISE understands that no other immigration services company does provide refund in such cases; however, we would like all our clients to have this privilege and confidence. This clause is very well mentioned in your Immigration Services Contract. Canada Immigration Guide

CANADA IMMIGRATION FAQs (Answered by Our Clients on Many Social and Professional Forums)

  • Why is Rise Overseas Immigration Consultants rated as the best immigration consultants in India?

    Well there are many tips our clients would share with you, we present here a summary of steps which our clients follow to arrive at the best immigration consultants

    • We are chosen by all our clients as they simply want to go in for the most genuine Immigration Consulting Company who can provide them quality and reliable immigration services with an affordable budget, and avoid many fraud agents in the market, who could potentially ruin your immigration prospects, spoil the process, debar you from immigrating, and cause loss of your documents, money and reputation.
    • RISE Overseas Canada Immigration Consultants is an LLP Company registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs with registered office at 1, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. Clients prefer to choose a registered immigration consultancy which is highly reputed in the market instead of freelancers who do not have any office setup; they pose huge risk as there is no credibility involved. Our clients are quite serious about immigrating to Canada and really care about getting reliable immigration visa agents, it is highly important for them to choose reliable visa consulting firm that will guide them in the right manner. They know that Freelancing Visa consultants can cheat them, as they don’t have any reliable team and are mostly fly by night operators.
    • We are an ISO 9001-2008 immigration services company.
    • We are preferred for having a great team. All the activities such as the paper work, exchanging drafts, making profiles, documentations, handling online applications, thoroughly going over the essential checklist; these tasks are done diligently and systematically by our team having professionally sound backgrounds. All our team members are hired after a detailed background and credentials check as they have to deal with highly confidential information. All your immigration accounts credentials are shared with you only, and are saved over secure servers as a backup, so that there is no loss of any access or information.
    • Our clients understand the value of genuine visa consultants and know to differentiate, avoid and ignore such immigration firms who make tall promises such as job guarantee in Canada. Most such claims are invariably fake and are the ploys to trick to attract & gain income. Avoid those immigration consultants who make too many promises.
    • Our clients like us for our truthfulness and transparency. A good immigration consultant encourages you to be truthful as CIC expects to share the truth with proper letters of explanations and does not allow any forgery.
    • Our clients know that we never ask for any original document. You must never share any original documents. Entire Canada immigration process only needs scan copies of the documents. Some greedy consultants keep original documents only as a ploy to demand more money later. With today’s technology, you need not even visit the immigration consultant’s office, the immigration and Study Permit processes are 100% online. Clear scans only are required to be uploaded in the immigration applications.
    • We do not have any hidden costs, some immigration agents show low price on the website and raise the costs later. We mention the immigration fee with taxes right at the start and write the same in the immigration services agreement so that there is maximum clarity to you.
    • Cancellation & Refund Policy: Our clients like us for sharing the cancellation and refund clause. We at RISE Overseas Immigration Consultants,are transparent and confident to spell out clearly the cancellation and refund policy. If Visa and immigration authorities reject your application for a mistake on our part, we refund you the 100% amount charged for filing the Visa within the stipulated time. This is clearly mentioned on our website as well as in Terms and conditions in the Immigration Services contract. We also make sure to give you a receipt for each and every payment made by you. You must avoid those immigration agents who may charge less money but do not have such clauses, and they do adversely impact the quality of your immigration application process and your chances of success.
    • We help you join you in the ever growing well settled, professional network of successful clients in Canada.
  • How can i do background check of the immigration consulting firm?

    Do a quick research on the experience and background of the consultancy: Get details from independent recommendations on Quora and other professional networking sites, read the comments before allotting your case to the immigration consultants.Mostly the reviews on Google are fake, but recommendations by real customers on professional networks are not fake. Part record matters and independent testimonials help there. If you are good in your research, there is nothing obscure and hidden in this digital scenario. Once you find the testimonials and recommendations to be positive, you should then go ahead with hiring the immigration consultant and hand over your case.

  • How to check the reliability of the immigration consultancy firm and consultants?

    The decision of hiring animmigration consulting firm should be taken after a thorough enquiry into the immigration services:

    • The immigration consulting firm should have a proper registered office with a good setup, about which one should be able to see the pics, check location, address and premises over Google maps
    • You can make out the track record of the firm and accreditations from individual clients over social and professional networks.
    • The immigration and visa services of the firm should be clearly mentioned over their websites in detail.
    • The Visa and Immigration consultants should be able to legally take up your immigration process.
    • The principal consultants of the immigration firm should be able to talk to you during the process and should have in-depth knowledge.
    • It is very important that total transparency is maintained at every step of the immigration process about your immigration accounts.
    • The consultant must abide by all the rules and regulations of ICCRC and Canadian government and not take short cults especially in documentation.
    • And above all these services must not cost a fortune and the immigration consulting fee charged should be reasonable.
    • Following a good process will maximize your chances of immigration and granting of PR Visa.
    • We believe in transparency from the word go, we like to mention as much as relevant information on our website as possible. We believe that an updated website is the first confidence building for you. We have mentioned the fee and services in detail on the website for total transparency and fairness. We have tried to keep this website informative for you.
    • We answer all your questions and explain the complete process to you before asking you to sign-up.
    • A good and professional immigration consultant provides full information upfront to make the process simple for you and he need not work on fear factor by making it look difficult.
  • What precautions should i take once i have signed up for immigration services?

    • Gets the copy of the Immigration Services Agreement stating all the services and a clear mention of the fee and the refund policy or refund clause.
    • Do not share original documents with the consultant. Share only good quality scans or pics.
    • Obtain a receipt for the payment.
    • Store the passwords and login credentials shared by us in a secure place, preferably in a diary.
    • Keep in touch with your immigration consultant for regular updates on your application.

    To know more, Call us at 9319299633, 9315760130. We are happy to help you!

RISE Overseas (A unit of Riser Education & Publishing Pvt. Ltd.) is an authorized agent of the RCIC, Mr Rohilla Membership Number: R706128, who will be the Authorized Representative for those documentation consulting clients of RISE Overseas, who wish to avail the immigration consulting services of the RCIC. There is an extra fee associated with the services of the RCIC.

Mr Rohilla is a registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a member of CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants) based at Rutherford Road South, Brampton, ON, L6W 3J1, Canada. He is a member in good standing with The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). RISE Overseas represents the RCIC in India. Rise Overseas is registered with ICCRC as an agent of the RCIC.


Anjali Behl, Sr Architect: I appreciate the professionalism of RISE Overseas Canada Immigration Services in preparing my immigration application. PNP Nomination process has been long and tedious but you and your team has completed the same with utmost professionalism. You transparently explained how the immigration process would proceed and shared each relevant development. Thanks a lot.

Ridhi Chopra, Lecturer, Life Sciences: Ajit and Anuradha, senior immigration consultants, from RISE Overseas have helped me in Job search and then quickly apply and receive a work permit to add valuable points to my CRS score, as at my present age of 43 years I did not have the sufficient points. Almost all the immigration consultants in India had told me that my Canada immigration prospect was nil, but Rise Overseas Immigration Consultants told me from the beginning that it was indeed possible. They have extensive expertise on Canada Immigration laws.

Venkatesh M, Data Analyst: I express my thanks to your professionalism in Immigration Services in preparing my PR Visa application. I had been searching the best Immigration advisory consultancy in Delhi and Noida when I contacted RISE Overseas with a friend’s recommendation. I had even spoken to many Canadian immigration lawyers in Toronto including many authorized representatives on the Canada website, but would rate your Immigration visa advice as the most uncluttered, uncomplicated and easy to follow. Really impressed with the informative ways in which you share the information maintaining full client confidence. Would strongly recommend your immigration consulting services for Canada PR Visa.

VipulSoni, MBA, Concordia University: Thanks for getting my Study Permit within 2 weeks under Student Direct Stream. Right from the University applications to Visa application, the process was quite swift, uncomplicated and achieved in record time. The charges are affordable too.

PrakashThakkar, Chemical Engineer: I would like to express my thanks to you for taking care of each and every nitty gritty and virtually every tricky thing from preparation to submission of my business visa application for permanent residence through Entrepreneur stream of OINP. Even though entrepreneur visa case was somewhat complicated, you gave me full confidence and now within a year, I have received 2 years family Visa for Canada which would convert to Permanent Residence.

We would love to have you in our network of successful clients in Canada.Call 9319299633, 9315760130

There are many reasons why people want to immigrate to Canada, the foremost reason is that Canada is the the fastest growing developed economies and is one of the top 10 economies of the world. Canada is all set to provide the best career opportunities to educated immigrants. It has been rated as one of the friendliest and the most charming country for immigrants, the development indices of Canada whether it is health care or education benefits, these are one of the best in the world, besides the fact that Canada is one of the most scenic and beautiful country where the cost of living is quite affordable compared to other developed countries.
Canada Immigration Consultants should have a thorough knowledge and the understanding of the immigration laws of the countries; they are providing immigration consultant services for. They should be registered firms and should have the experience of handling the immigration applications of wide variety of profiles as no two immigration cases are the same. Apart from that, the immigration Consultants should be transparent, systematic, affordable, reliable and quick in service.
Canada Immigration Consultants help you navigate through the complex process of immigration steps by breaking the process into simpler steps and helping you complete each activity necessary for the immigration process. They help rightfrom the Educational Credential Assessment, IELTS test preparation, choosing your NOC code, deciding whether to put Federal or provincial applications, make Expression of Interest, simultaneously helping you with preparation of documentation pertaining to your employment, proof of funds, medical examination, police clearance certificate etc. They guide you in making the employment documentation which is one of the most important and critical factors for immigration. Besides the above, the immigration Consultants also help you with job Bank registration and finding the right job in Canada.
The immigration attorneys and lawyers who are either a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, present inside Canada and have graduated from an accredited immigration practitioner program. Most of these Consultants are required for legal cases that emerge in Canada such as converting the refugee status to immigrant or to appeal against immigration decision while you are in Canada.
This can be checked from the rcic website and is pertinent for those people who are putting up their immigration application while they are in Canada.
RCIC registered immigration consultants are inside Canada and not in India. A number of immigration Consultants in India claim to be rcic registered which is not true. As per the Government of India,a professionally registered firm having the legal and professional expertise and experience, is eligible to provide immigration consultancy to its clients . One should also be careful that in the name of rcic registered immigration Consultants many such people are extracting huge amount of money for the otherwise uncomplicated immigration process.
You can check registered immigration consultants in Canada on the rcic website however applying to a Canadian registered immigration consultant who is present in Canada while you are in India is not only very costly affair but also highly undependable. First they give you a 365 days contract which expires many times before your immigration process is complete, second they do not share your account and immigration application login Ids and passwords. One of the most practical difficulty the clients face is that the Canadian immigration Consultants are not contactable at all. They take days to answer a simple query over email putting the clients to extreme inconvenience.
Immigration consultants in Canada charge anywhere between 5000 CAD To 60000 CAD which is equal to Rupees 3 lacs to 36 lacs. The immigration Consulting fee they charge is exorbitant and prohibitively costly and for generally the similar services extended by Indian immigration Consultants. 95% of the clients in India go through Indian immigration Consultants and they have five times more success rate than the Canadian immigration consultant.
If you are from Delhi Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Punjab or Gurgaon, you can of course choose Rise Overseas Immigration Consultants, who undoubtedly have the best track record in getting their clients the Canadian permanent residence in the shortest time with least cost. Not only we get you the PR, we also help you in settling down in Canada with the help of our network in Ontario and British Columbia.
You do not need much money to immigrate to Canada For single person it costs about 1.25 lakh to 1.5 Lakh to immigrate to Canada and for a family of 4 the cost would be about rupees 2.5 lacs only.
There are of course many Immigration Consultancy in India for Canada, but you must choose the best Immigration Consultancy basis a few qualifying criteria such as their professionalism, expertise, track record, transparency, responsiveness, speed & accuracy and also affordability. We atRISE Overseas take pride in having developed these ethos of professional conduct for the industry and have therefore emerged as the prominent Immigration Consultancy in India who have successfully immigrated most of the clients.
In Delhi, RISE Overseas Immigration Consultants are rated as one of the best Canada PR Consulting Firm which immigrates through many available immigration pathways such as Express Entry, Provincial Nomination, Study Visa, Business Immigration amongst others.
Yes, Immigration Consultants help save a lot of time, money and effort.
If you are looking for an immigration consultant for Canada and if you are based in Delhi, you can contact RISE Overseas immigration Consultants and get in touch with the immigration Experts who would guide you in the most uncomplicated and transparent manner to make the immigration decision easy for you.
While there are many consultancies in India for Canada PR, you need to go to the one which is professional in terms of transparency, expertise, responsiveness, ease of communication and affordability. We invite you to to speak to our experts while you are finalizing your immigration consultant.
Canadian Consultants charge a whopping amount of ofRs 6 lacs to 30 lacs for the same applications process which professional Indian Consulting firms do under 1 lakh. Canadian consultants take advantage of the fact that some Indians consider a foreign player to be better without any analysis, and get duped in return. We atRISE Overseas immigration Consultants, provide much more Quality Services, expertise in various immigration pathways than even a Canadian immigration consultant would be able to advise. It is not the theoretical knowledge which is anyway unavailable on the Canada Immigration government websites, but what counts is the practical experience of having successfully immigrated scores of applicants. Besides exorbitant costs, Canadian immigration consultants get very difficult to deal with.
It costs about rupees 1.5 Lakh to 2.5 lakh depending on the number of family members to get Canada PR from India
You must hire an immigration consultant to save you unnecessary hassle of negotiating complicated immigration process which if not done properly, will invariably extend your learning curve, waste precious time and effort, can get frustrating at a times, and can make you nervous while applying as you are not sure of the documentation. You do not get a chance to explain anything during the immigration process, the immigration officer is able to only go through the documentation which you provided. So, it is very important that you have a first time right approach.
Looking for Canada Immigration for Mumbai, I would only advise to go with the best name amongst Canada Immigration Consultants: RISE Overseas Immigration Consultants. They are easy to deal with, give their expert advice in the first go, in the most transparent and uncomplicated manner, helping you make a quick decision. The immigration experts at RISE Overseas help you with the correct immigration pathway in the first discussion itself, outline the process, giving full details of the cost involved and the time frame. Immigration process is 100% online and RISE Overseas immigration Consultants have most of theIR clients from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Singapore, Dubai, Canada and the US.

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